The Composer List

The Australian Composer List project is a way of promoting, getting commissions for, and building capacity of, lesser known Australian composers.

We collect data from over 150 artistic decision makers across the country and compile a list of composers that they feel, albeit not as known as others, show promise and should be more performed and commissioned.

Once that list is finalised, we approach those composers offering to be included in a promotional USB and website. The USB is sent to the artistic decision makers who contributed to the process, as well as an international network of potential commissioners. 

Some ensembles have already pledged to commission at least 1 composer on that list. If you would like to pledge a commission, contact


It is a way of us consolidating a very specialised knowledge base and using it to build composer careers in a very concrete way.

If appropriate, we may approach composers discovered through this process for an on-going representation contract with Chronology Arts.


We’re currently collecting data. If you feel you have a valuable contribution to make, please contact


Once the data is collected, the list will be finalised, we print and send out 400 USBs to those who participated, and others who have requested it. Resources pending, we envisage this could be as early as September 2016.


Although the data collection and composer approach can be done by volunteer work, we must pay for some supervision of the project, along with the designing, printing and postage fees of the USB itself.

If you would like to contribute, please visit   - every dollar helps!