Support Chronology Arts

Chronology Arts has two easy and secure ways to donate towards our initiatives through our special partners. 

Goodwill bills

As part of our Fundraising for the projects and artists of Chronology Arts, we’ve partnered with Goodwill Bills; a fantastic brand new initiative to bring together ethical socially conscious businesses with new customers, resulting in support for Chronology Arts.

Goodwill Bills is a utilities agent, but we've now got a deal with them that if you switch to one of the Goodwill Bills providers, the provider you choose will fund donations to Chronology Arts to thank you for being a new customer.

Two energy providers are available covering Victoria, NSW and QLD at the moment, they both have environmental credentials and very competitive pricing. People who use Goodwill Bills to switch Providers are so far saving on average over $400 per year on their electricity.

Save money and help us at no cost to you, we hope you’ll consider this great way to continue supporting us.

You can send a copy of your existing electricity bill directly to and you will receive a formal bill comparison showing the savings you can achieve. Also, the lovely Greg at Goodwill Bills has said you can call him directly  0420 379 085 if you have any questions or queries.

Australian Cultural Fund

The Australian Cultural Fund is a fundraising platform for Australian artists. It was established in 2003 to encourage donations to the arts, and managed by Creative Partnerships Australia.

Through the ACF, artists upload their project and invite art lovers and supporters to donate.

The artist always wins. Unlike all-or-nothing crowdfunding platforms, ACF donors commit rather than pledge funds. While artists set a funding goal, if it is not met at the end of the campaign all donations are still taken into account.

The donor wins, too. Donations over $2 are tax deductible through the ACF. Plus, art lovers and supporters get the chance to make a real difference to the work of Australian artists.

To enquire around sponsoring a concert or other partnership enquiries, please contact Orlanda directly: orlanda at chronology arts dot net