Results 2016

Australian Composers In Demand

In 2016 Chronology Arts conducted a survey of artistic directors and curators across Australia to find out who the composers are that they want to hear more from. 

We had just over 40 qualified respondents to our survey, which was conducted between September to December 2016. The results of which are listed alphabetically below.

If you would like to receive a PDF with more information about the composers, or be sent a USB that includes biographical information, score and recording samples, please email with your address, name and position (please note this USB is intended to promote commissions of the composers therein, and hence we will only be sending USBs to artistic decision makers and commissioners). 


Emerging Composers

Michael Barkncev

Andrew Batt-Rawden

Jakob Bragg

Lisa Cheney

Annie Hsieh

Lisa Illean

Kate Neal

Lachlan Skipworth

Joe Twist


Established Composers  

Brett Dean

Ross Edwards

Mary Finisterer

Elliott Gyger

Matthew Hindson

Elena Kats-Chernin

Liza Lim

Paul Stanhope

Carl Vine

Nigel Westlake

If you feel that there are other composers who should be on this list, and you are a commissioner, curator or artistic director involved in new music, we’d love you to add to our data so we can update our results. Email with 10 emerging composer names and 10 established composer names, and we'll include your data in an update to this list later this year. 

(please note we only accept responses from curators, commissioners or artistic directors involved in new music).