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Listen: Accordion Crimes by Jessica Wells

Commissioned by the Divergence Jazz Orchestra, "Accordian Crimes" is a Bonnie & Clyde story written for big band, featuring soprano saxophone and accordian. The premiere performance was on October 14th 2016 at Foundry 616 Sydney. The band is led by Jenna Cave, and features Andrew Scott (Accordian), Loretta Palmeiro (Soprano Saxophone) and Yutaro Okuda (Guitar). 

Divergence Jazz Orchestra is made up of 19 of Sydney’s most accomplished young musicians led by Jenna Cave (conductor/composer) and Paul Weber (trombone). Their sound brings the spirit and tradition of improvised jazz music to the 21st century big band; where captivating grooves, memorable melodies and expressive orchestrations are executed with outstanding musicianship and soul with rhythm as its cornerstone.