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Andrew Batt-Rawden

Andrew Batt-Rawden's music output is mainly for chamber music. He is currently concentrating on responsive algorithmic composition...

His first album “Seven Stations” was released in 2013 through Hospital Hill. His teachers have included Matthew Hindson, Michael Smetanin, Nigel Butterley, Anne Boyd, Damien Ricketson, Jim Coyle, and many others. The many artists he has collaborated with over the years have also influenced his creative development. These include; conductors; Roland Peelman, Michelle Leonard, musicians; the Orkest de Ereprijs, Alicia Crossley, the Acacia Quartet, Josh Hill, Alison Morgan, The Song Company, Australia Piano Quartet, Queensland Symphony Orchestra, choreographers and dancers; Amy Mauvan, Sarah-Vyne Vassalo, Dirty Feet Dance Company. In addition to his composition work, he has also directed/curated for festivals including Vivid, Aurora Festival and Bellingen Music Festival.

His current works integrate data feeds to affect live electroacoustic performance, particularly with the use of heartbeat and movement data.

Selected Works

Solo Works

  • “E” – Bass Recorder, Electronics - Commissioned and premiered by Alicia Crossley
  • Portrait of a Lover – Fl, Electronics 
  • 5 Photographs – Solo Piano
  • Themeatrical Elude – Solo Harp 
  • 88^Keys^to – Solo Piano

Small Works

  • 40" – Quartet and electronics – Commissioned by Synergy Percussion
  • Catharsis – Piano Quartet and electronics - Commissioned and premiered by the Australia Piano Quartet
  • Shadows Cast by Fire - recorder and harp - Commissioned and premiered by Alicia Crossley and Emily Granger
  • Prosumer Content Junkee – 2 instruments and operator
  • “29” – String Quartet 
  • "28” – String Quartet and pedals - Commissioned by The NOISE quartet
  • “27” – String Quartet – 2012 – 12' | Workshopped and recorded by the Goldner Quartet in student/workshop context
  • To Understand – Fl, Vc, Pno, Voice – 2010 – 8'
  • Inspirational Gift – Fl, Cl, Sax, Vla, Vc – 2009 – 17'30 | Commissioned by Greg Dickson, premiered by Chronology Arts at Sydney Conservatorium of Music with broadcast on Eastside Radio and subsequent performance in 2011 in Musica Viva's Rising Stars series at Opera House
  • Quintessence – Vln, Vla, Vla, Vc, Db – 2008 – 20'50 | Premiered by Chronology Arts and recorded by ABC Classic FM at Eugene Goossens Hall, ABC Studios Ultimo, NSW. Subsequent broadcast by ABC Classic FM and Eastside Radio
  • Les Mots (arrangement) – Voice, Pno – 2008 – 6' | Arrangement premiered by Roland Peelman and Jessica Aszodi in the New Music Network mini-series
  • Enfer en Paradis – String Quartet – 2007 – 8'40 | Premiered in L'Espace Mimont, Cannes, France, with Diane Bouchet (vln), Annabelle Dugast (vln), Jean-Christophe Berger (vla) and Anaïs Laugénie (vc), subsequent performance by Chronology Arts at Australia Hall, Sydney, Australia
  • Melody for String Quartet – vln, vla, vla, vc – 2006 – 5' | Commissioned by Christian Bonnelykke

Medium Ensemble

  • Song of the Virtues – Sop, Sop, Counter Tenor, Baritone, Bass – 2013 – 8' | Lyrics by Chris Mansell, Commissioned by Greg Dickson for the Song Company to celebrate the 60th Birthday of Penny Le Couteur. Premiered during the Song Company's 2013 Christmas Tour “Of Birds and Angels”
  • Seven Stations – Sop, M.Sop, Bass, Vla, Vc, Perc – 2013 – 50' | Commissioned by Charles Davidson, premiered 1/3/13 at Music Workshop Sydney Conservatorium of Music by Halcyon and Chronology Arts. Poetry by Chris Mansell
  • Rise – Fl, Cl, Sax, Perc, Vla, Vla, Vc – 2009 – 14' | Premiered by Chronology Arts at Carriageworks
  • Ex Nihilo Omnia Fit – Vln, Vln, Vla, Vc, Vibes, Sop, M. Sop – 2009 – 8'30 | Commissioned by St Ives Uniting Church and Dan Walker, premiered by Halcyon at St Ives Uniting Church. Words complied from Twitter
  • Circle of Creation – Hp, Fl, Vc, Pno, solo SATB voices – 2008 – 7'40 | Commissioned by and premiered at St Ives Uniting Church, words by Douglas Purnell
  • Les Mots – Bari Sax, Hp, Kit, Vla, Vla, Voice – 2007 – 6'50 | Premiered by Chronology Arts in 2007
  • Poetry by Andrew Batt-Rawden Click your username. - Vocal sextet – 2007 – 8'30 | Premiered by Song Company as part of Modart07, subsequently broadcast on ABC Classic FM and in NZ. Words by Andrew Batt-Rawden

Large Ensemble

  • Give me the Night – vocal quintet and large ensemble 2014 – 4’ | Written for and performed by the Orkest de Ereprijs
  • Inevitable – orchestra – 2014 – 9’ | Commissioned by the Bellingen Youth Orchestra, workshopped by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra

Choral Works

  • Un Droit Égal - four soloists and choir - 2015 - 8' | Lyrics from diary extract of captain St Aloüarn and members of his crew as well as period colonisation policy documents as published in Philippe Goard et Tugdual de Kerros; "Louis de Saint Aloüarn, lieutenant des vaisseaux du roy : un marin breton à la conquête des terres australes". Commissioned by the Men of Song
  • They Sailed - male choir - 2015 - 6' | Lyrics by Rafe Morris. Commissioned by the Men of Song
  • The Tree – children’s choir in 3 parts - 2014 – 5' | Lyrics by Chris Mansell, commissioned by the Pemulwuy Male Voice Festival 2014 conducted by Michelle Leonard
  • Sky Earth Bird – mixed aged children’s choir, vocal sextet, pno, vln, db, sop sax, percussion – 2014 – 9' | Lyrics by Chris Mansell and Moorambilla Choirs, commissioned by Michelle Leonard for the 2014 Moorambilla Choirs performance




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